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Bishop John General Jumps Off to Streets Naked with Dangling Third Leg

Matero-based religious dramatist operating under the stage name Prophet John General yesterday undertook a naked street marathon to escape the wrath of an angry man who caught him red-handed raping his wife.

Afraid of having his head separated from his body, the controversial pastor is said to have left behind his clothes, phones and car after he jumped over a wallfence to run with a metalic-stiff organ of urination freciously whiping the inside of his thighs.

According to reports, the pastor found himself in the situation after a female congregant confided in him of frequent miscarriages.

In his response to the matter, John General assured the woman that he was well equipped with the right anointing and set of tongues to get the woman to the labour ward.

John General then prescribed prayers that he said would be conducted in the woman’s home and so yesterday around midday, the man of God arrived in the company of his assistant.

On arrival, John General asked his henchman to keep watch in the sitting room while he went to perform his “holy” duties around the house.

The holy spirit eventually led the pastor to the woman’s matrimonial bedroom where instead of praying for the woman, he decided to offload his evil sexual urges.

He pinned her down and after threatening to shoot her dead if made any noise proceeded to rape her.

While this was happening, the woman’s husband arrived home and bypassing the stranger in his sitting room went to the bedroom where he stumbled on the pastor on top of his wife.

To effectively deal with the pastor, the man went to first lock the gate but as he was getting back the pastor had jumped over wallfence and fled the scene without clothes.

Police have confirmed receiving the report on the matter saying they are now searching for the naked pastor.

“A Medical report form has since been issued to the complainant. Police have launched a manhunt for the Pastor,” Zambia Police Service spokesperson Rae Hamoonga told Kalemba in a statement.

Source: The Zambian Observer