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Commercialization Of TAZARA Corridor On Cards

Government says it is confident that by the second quarter of 2024, an agreement would have been made on the commercialization of the TAZARA corridor.

Transport Minister Frank Tayali says a technical working group which comprises of Zambia, Tanzania and China is looking into how it can be advanced.

Mr Tayali says Tanzania and Zambia are in agreement that China is coming on board to help manage the TAZARA corridor.

He explained that during President Hakainde Hichilema visit to China, the TAZARA corridor was also discussed.

Mr Tayali also said the finances have been sourced through the EU and US to carry out feasibility studies the Zambia-Lobito corridor.

He said once the feasibility study is conducted, the two countries will see increased pace at which the corridor will be developed.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Tayali also disclosed that Namibia and Zambia are sourcing for funds to extend its railway.

He said the feasibility studies have already been done on the Namibia and Zambia railway link which will move cargo from Zambia to Walvis bay.

Source: ZNBC