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Deadline Set: Government Warns Institutions Without E-Government Procurement Systems

Patrick Kangwa, the Secretary to the Cabinet, issued a stern warning on Wednesday, stating that government institutions failing to implement Electronic Government Procurement (E-GPS) by the end of this year will be barred from conducting procurement meetings in the coming year.

Speaking at the Integrity Committee Chief Executive Officers Forum in Lusaka, Mr. Kangwa stressed that government entities must have E-GPS in place by December 31, 2023. He emphasized the significance of E-GPS as a centralized platform for managing public procurement, promoting fair competition, mitigating corruption risks in the procurement process, and ensuring optimal value for public funds.

The move towards E-GPS aligns with the government’s commitment to modernizing procurement processes, enhancing transparency, and fostering efficiency in public procurement. The electronic system streamlines the entire procurement lifecycle, from requisition to contract management, making the process more accountable and traceable.

Mr. Kangwa underscored that the implementation of E-GPS is crucial for promoting accountability and reducing the potential for corruption in public procurement. By enforcing this deadline, the government aims to accelerate the adoption of technology in governance, ultimately contributing to a more transparent and efficient public sector.

In addition to the directive on E-GPS implementation, Mr. Kangwa called upon controlling officers in various ministries to allocate increased funding to integrity committees. This financial support is essential for the effective functioning of integrity committees, which play a pivotal role in upholding ethical standards and ensuring compliance with anti-corruption measures within government institutions.

The announcement by the Secretary to the Cabinet signals a proactive step towards advancing digital transformation in public procurement processes, aligning with global trends in leveraging technology for enhanced governance and accountability. Government entities are now under increased pressure to expedite the adoption of E-GPS to meet the stipulated deadline and contribute to the broader goal of a more technologically advanced and transparent public sector.

Source: Lusaka Times