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Dr Haabazoka Speaks Out on UPND Misplaced Priorities

It’s a bit shameful for us as a country to wait for foreign diplomats to speak out before we cool down! Ideally as a nation we should focus on things that build and not divide us!

  • Instead of shooting at children when dealing with smuggling of mealie meal, see a way in which you can empower citizens to export that mealie meal
  • Instead of burning Zambian citizens’ camps who are trying to make a living by mining their God given gold, you should clamp down on big firms who run away with millions of dollars in unpaid taxes! A Zambian can never be an illegal miner in his own country!
  • Instead of sponsoring factions to destabilise opposition political parties, that money should be spent on uniting citizens so that we tap into the knowledge of each citizen to ensure development in our country. How can the kwacha trade at almost k24 with the abundance of so many resources!
  • Instead of chasing after small rental taxes from the already over taxes citizenry, we should be developing ways of benefiting from our God given resources as a source of government revenue!
  • Instead of confiscating property from Zambians in the so called unexplained wealth, why not give Zambians assets so that they can create wealth? We are the only country at the moment that believes that it’s only foreigners who can make money in a short period of time and not Zambians! I have heard of civil servants who have Honda fits forfeited to the state and foreigners given a mine for $20m only to make $200m in a year!!
  • We are a very funny country! We demolish houses for citizens in their own countries in the so called unplanned construction but fail to build even a single room for the homeless!
  • We spend time and money on lawyers in courtrooms but don’t have money to fund small businesses! Even my kid understands that the head of the legislature is wrong! Such a person despite their credentials has failed to run a powerful branch of government! It’s now an embarrassment! Ireen Mambilima would not have behaved in such a manner! Instead of our learned population putting this in order, some are supporting! By supporting such illegalities we are rendering our country into banana republic status! Let’s hit on the breaks countrymen!

We don’t love ourselves! We don’t deserve each other! We don’t deserve our own country! We are foreign to this land! Because we have opened ourselves to criticism! We need to learn from Zimbabwe! Zimbabweans are building mansions while we are filling our court rooms and prisons with people that want to build houses. We need to change! We need to refocus! we should not compete amongst ourselves! We should compete against the whole world!!! Definitely Mainza Chona or kenneth Kaunda did not dream of this Zambia. A Zambia of childish politicians who can meet at a location and declare themselves a leadership of a political party? Politicians who despite going to school fail to defend the constitution that they themselves wrote? A state that is talking about torturing its own citizens?

Who did we wrong to arrive at this? Am deeply concerned! When shall we grow up as a nation? Just look at our social media idols? Those days growing up we would idolise the Dean mungombas, the Nkumbulas! The Lawrence Katilungus! We wanted to be like them! We wanted to make this country great! But today I can hardly recognise my own country!

Our preoccupation should be how to create generational wealth! IMF, France or whoever is heading our debt restructuring thing is wasting our time! $15bn is peanuts for Zambia! Let’s pay off that debt using Sugelite and other minerals! If we give each other tasks, within two years we can pay off whatever we owe! Let’s have an indaba where we can discuss this! This country did not educate us so that we just cheer from the stands!

Source: The Zambian Observer