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Edith Nawakwi: NGOCC Has Outlived Its Usefulness

Forum for Democracy and Development FDD President Edith Nawakwi says the NGOCC has outlived its usefulness and should be disbanded for lack of neutrality.

Speaking at opposition political parties’ women’s joint press briefing in Lusaka today, Ms. Nawakwi says NGOCC is moribund and has become a pseudo-political organization, and does not represent the interests of women.

” I was expecting that when Feluna was abducted and left a sick child, the movement would come in and find out who did it or just to look after the sick child, but they did nothing, is NGOCC only available for us who put on lipsticks or those in the corridors of power?,” Nawakwi asked.

Ms. Nawakwi urged the donors to keep their funding to NGOCC zipped because it is serving the interest of the selected few.

” NGOCC is supposed to be a grassroots movement and I call on the donors to keep their purses zipped. The Minister of Finance should also stop correcting governance funds relating to women because we don’t know how it is used and who benefits from it,” Ms.Nawakwi said.

Ms. Nawakwi, the former Finance Minister adds that the NGOCC went to offer solidarity to Speaker Nelly Mutii without consulting women.

” The selective behavior by NGOCC is something else. When I was hounded out from my sick bed and arrested they were very quiet but they went to parliament to express their views without consulting us,” The FDD leader said.

Source: The Zambian Observer