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Gaia Energy, FIT Voltaira Morocco Launch Photovoltaic Plant in Tangier

Rabat – Gaia Energy, a green energy company, partnered with FIT Voltaira Morocco, a car and e-bike cable manufacturer, to launch a 386-kilo-watt photovoltaic plant located on the roof of FIT Voltaira Morocco’s automobile cabling factory within the Tanger Med Industrial Platform. 

The plant was inaugurated today in the presence of representatives from both companies and will allow FIT Voltaira Morocco to cut its greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy costs, and boost its competitiveness. 

Commenting on the news Nabil Zerrouk, General Manager of FIT Voltaira Morocco, said that his company is “proud” to have inaugurated the plant.

According to Zerrouk, the plant marks an “important step” in the company’s environmental commitment. 

“We are confident that this installation will be beneficial both for our company and the local community. We thank Gaia Energy for their support throughout the project,” he added.

Zniber Moundir, President of Gaia Energy, said that the project demonstrates the company’s “firm commitment to the energy transition.”

“We believe that every initiative in the field of renewable energies matters and creates a positive impact on our environment,” Zniber explained.

“The achievement is just one step among many others towards decarbonization and the construction of a more environmentally friendly world,” he added.

Gaia Energy has been involved in a number of similar projects. In April of this year, reports indicated that the company is part of a major green hydrogen project.

The project consists of a green ammonia plant with a potential annual output of 1.4 million tonnes, the statement noted, detailing that the ammonia will be produced from about 320,000 tonnes of green hydrogen and with a 2-gigawatt photovoltaic solar plant as well as a 4 GW wind power project.

Source : Morocco World News