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Government Acknowledges Social Media Propaganda Challenge, Urges Diplomats to Focus on Developmental Achievements

The Chief Government Spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa, has highlighted the significant challenge of social media propaganda that the Government is currently facing. Speaking to diplomatic staff at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia, Mr. Mweetwa expressed concern over the misuse of social media platforms by some Zambians to spread misleading information and undermine the achievements and economic progress made by the government.

Mr. Mweetwa emphasized that it is unfortunate that social media is being used as a tool to sway citizens away from appreciating the substantial efforts and developments accomplished by the government. He urged diplomats to disregard social media propaganda and focus on the tangible results and positive impact that the government has achieved.

The Chief Government Spokesperson, who also serves as the Information and Media Minister, asserted that the government has successfully restored the economy and promoted national unity. He highlighted the transformation in which all regions of Zambia are now actively participating in the country’s comprehensive development agenda.

In addressing the diplomatic staff, Mr. Mweetwa stated, “Unlike in the past, all regions in Zambia are now active participants in the country’s development agenda. We have achieved economic stability and fostered a sense of oneness among our citizens.”

Trevor Sichombo, Charge D’Affaires at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia, expressed gratitude to Minister Mweetwa for his visit and for providing the diplomatic staff with updates on crucial developmental matters. The diplomatic community plays a vital role in representing Zambia on the global stage, and Mr. Mweetwa’s address aimed to ensure they are well-informed about the government’s achievements and the challenges it currently faces.

Minister Mweetwa is currently in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to participate in the African Union Specialized Technical Committee Meeting (STC) on Communication and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The meeting serves as a platform for African nations to collaborate and strategize on matters related to communication and technology, reflecting Zambia’s commitment to regional cooperation and development in these sectors.

Source: Lusaka Times