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Nyimba District Hospital Recieves New Standby Power Generator Under CDF

Nyimba District Hospital, a level one facility, has received a significant upgrade with the installation of a standby power supply generator. This procurement, funded under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), aims to address lighting challenges, particularly during power outages that are common during the rainy season.

Dr. Martin Mbewe, the Health Director for Nyimba District, expressed his delight upon receiving the power generator, thanking the government for the initiative. The hospital, operational since its inception in 2017, has faced challenges during power outages over the past six years. Dr. Mbewe highlighted that the timing of the power generator acquisition is particularly crucial, given the frequent power disruptions experienced during the rainy season.

“The addition of this power generator is a significant improvement for our hospital, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during critical times,” stated Dr. Mbewe.

Council Chairperson Gadson Tembo emphasized the importance of using the power generator for its intended purpose. He urged health staff to ensure quality service provision to patients, removing any excuse related to lighting challenges.

“This generator is a valuable asset to our healthcare facility, and we expect health personnel to utilize it efficiently to maintain the quality of service delivery,” stated Mr. Tembo.

The power generator, funded through the 2023 Constituency Development Fund, was procured at a cost of Five Hundred Forty-Eight Thousand One Hundred Eighty-Three Kwacha. Mr. Tembo also disclosed that road improvement works around the hospital have commenced to enhance the safety of road users, particularly ambulance services.

“We understand the importance of a well-maintained hospital road, especially for emergency services. The ongoing works are part of our commitment to guarantee the safety of all road users, including those relying on healthcare services,” Mr. Tembo explained.

He appealed to the public for patience as development efforts continue in various parts of the district. The new standby power generator represents a critical investment in Nyimba District Hospital, contributing to improved healthcare services and patient care.

Source: Lusaka News