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PF Bahati MP and President HH Unite for Development in Constituency

President Hakainde Hichilema led a tour of the Mansa Trades Institute to assess the progress of a Constituency Development Fund (CDF) project focused on skills development. The project, facilitated by the institute, highlights the UPND New Dawn government’s commitment to enhancing skills development and empowering the youth across the country.

In a display of bipartisan collaboration, PF Bahati MP Hon Leevan Chibombwe joined President Hakainde Hichilema (HH) during the tour of the trade school specializing in the production and repair of school desks within his constituency. The event showcased a departure from political rivalry as Hon Chibombwe and President HH shared a common goal of advancing the development agenda for the people of Bahati and Luapula at large.

Miles Sampa, PF president has said under the rebranded PF leadership, this cooperative effort is applauded, emphasizing a commitment to setting aside political differences for the greater good. The PF leadership highlighted the shift away from past practices that would have seen punitive measures taken against a member for participating in a developmental event with the President.

In a statement, Miles Sampa assured Hon Chibombwe that there would be no such reprisals for his collaboration with President HH. The rebranded PF is moving away from divisive politics to embrace a more modern and civilized approach, fostering a culture of love and unity in diversity within the democratic principles of One Zambia; One Nation.

Quoting the Bible, the statement emphasized the importance of recognizing the right time for different pursuits—drawing a clear line between development-focused activities and political engagements. With no impending by-election in Bahati, the focus shifts entirely to the development agenda for the constituents.

During the visit, President Hichilema expressed enthusiasm for the innovative skills development initiatives taking place at the institute. Notably, learners showcased their ability to assemble high-quality desks using recycled materials, exemplifying the kind of creativity and sustainability the government aims to promote nationwide.

President Hichilema emphasized the government’s dedication to promoting local industries and job creation, stating that no school under the UPND administration would be allowed to import desks. The focus is on empowering local communities, fostering skill development, and generating employment opportunities.

The President underscored the importance of a productive Zambia, urging citizens to work diligently and in an organized manner to achieve national development goals. The commitment to skills development aligns with the broader vision of the UPND government to create a more prosperous and empowered nation.

President Hakainde Hichilema’s visit to the Mansa Trades Institute follows the government’s pledge to prioritize education, skills development, and job creation. The CDF project at the institute is just one example of the initiatives aimed at equipping Zambians with the tools they need for personal and national growth.

Source: Lusaka Times