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President Hichilema Advocates for Increased Zambian Representation in International Organizations

Cornelius Mweetwa, Chief Government Spokesperson and Information and Media Minister, has conveyed President Hakainde Hichilema’s commitment to fostering greater representation of Zambians in international organizations, particularly highlighting the African Union (AU).

During a courtesy call on the African Union Commissioner for Trade, Minerals, and Industry, Albert Muchanga, Mr. Mweetwa emphasized President Hichilema’s desire to see more Zambians assume roles in international bodies. Acknowledging the critical role of Zambian professionals in international organizations, Mr. Mweetwa highlighted their capacity to advocate for the country’s positions on key global matters.

Speaking about the President’s vision, Mr. Mweetwa stressed that Zambians serving in international roles should project a positive image of the country on the global stage.

Additionally, Mr. Mweetwa touched upon a recent Presidential directive concerning government workers’ travel expenses. He stated that any government official traveling at government expense is required to produce a detailed report justifying their travel. This directive, particularly targeted at ministers, is intended to ensure transparency and accountability. Ministers are expected to present reports during Cabinet meetings, outlining the specifics of their travel, matters discussed in meetings, and the tangible benefits for Zambia.

Commenting on the directive, Mr. Muchanga echoed its importance, affirming the need for accountability in government-related travel. He emphasized that ministers’ reports are essential for informed decision-making and contribute to Zambia’s active participation and benefit in international forums.

Mr. Muchanga also shed light on a challenge faced by the African Union, where member states’ ministers frequently fail to attend crucial meetings, leading to delays in continental decision-making. He cited instances of meeting cancellations due to the inability to meet the required quorum.

The statement on this matter was provided by Inutu Mwanza, First Secretary-Press and Tourism at the Zambian mission in Ethiopia.

Source: Lusaka Times