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President Hichilema Joins Mourners to Bid Farewell to His 102 year old Uncle

On Sunday afternoon, President Hakainde Hichilema, alongside numerous mourners, gathered in the Lutanda area of Bweengwa, Monze District, to lay to rest his late uncle, Paul Lubinga Hibajene. The solemn occasion reflected on the remarkable life of Uncle Hibajene, who reached the biblical age of 102.

President Hichilema, visibly reflective, shared the valuable life lessons gleaned from his late uncle, emphasizing Hibajene’s enduring legacy of hard work, honesty, and integrity. While the physical presence is no more, the principles instilled by the senior citizen will continue to resonate.

Expressing gratitude for the time spent with Uncle Hibajene, President Hichilema extended a heartfelt call for unity among families across the nation. The funeral drew mourners from various parts of the country, symbolizing the shared grief and respect for the departed.

In a message of spiritual reflection, President Hichilema invoked a traditional blessing, “Leza utwelekela mazuba katwembela lyonse tonse,” translating to “God be with us as we mourn together.” The President affectionately bid farewell, saying, “Awe mudala Lubinga oone mulumuno mudala,” recognizing the enduring impact of Uncle Lubinga.

The funeral ceremony, marked by both sorrow and celebration of a life well-lived, underscores the importance of family, shared values, and the collective strength found in unity. As President Hichilema and the mourners paid their final respects, the legacy of Uncle Paul Lubinga Hibajene echoes as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

Source: Lusaka Times