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Tanzania, Zambia Solve Eight Tunduma Border Challenges

ZAMBIA: TANZANIA and Zambia have agreed to solve eight out of 24 Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) that hamper the smooth flow of trade between the two countries.

The NTBs agreed including reducing truck congestion at the Tunduma border by establishing an office in Dar es Salaam, speeding up the process of rationalisation of transport regulations and road expansion.

A statement sent from Tunduma by Ministry of Industry and Trade Wednesday said the remaining 16 NTBs set to be resolved by end of December.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade Permanent Secretary, Dr Hashil Abdallah, said the one-day bilateral NTBs meeting were held at Tunduma-Nakonde One Stop Border post between Tanzania and Zambia.

“We have agreed that goods exported from Tanzania to other countries through Zambia with all the necessary permits should be allowed to pass through up to the relevant country without restriction,” said Dr Abdullah.

The PS said they agreed that goods to third countries should follow the Trade Agreement under the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) procedures.

Dr Abdullah asked all the public Institutions involved in the provision of international transport services to solve the challenges, especially the acquisition of permits according to the laws, regulations and procedures in the agreement trade under the WTO and the SADC.

Thus all transporters should ensure that they get all relevant permits before departure in order to facilitate the transportation and deliver them to the respective countries on time.

Dr Abdullah said the government agreed to review and amend the railway development charge as implemented in the SADC Trade Protocol as part of signing an agreement of improving infrastructure challenges.

He said the government is speeding up the process of rationalisation of transport regulations so that they are in line with the regulations of transportation carried out in the tripartite transport regulations.

Zambia Ministry of Trade and Industry, Permanent Secretary Ms Lillian Bwalya said that they agreed to solve the challenges in order to facilitate and promote cross-border trade between the two countries.

Ms Bwalya said they agreed to improve the infrastructure barriers including road expansion and implement a system of negotiation of permits before reaching the border in order to improve the flow of vehicles at the border and eliminate traffic congestion at the border.

“Zambia committed to enhance the flow of traffic across the border through improving infrastructure related challenges and implementation of a pre-clearance system with a view to facilitate seamless flow of traffic.

“We agreed to implement a cargo electronic system either through extending the current electronic cargo tracking system implemented in Tanzania, or expediting the current procurement process under Zambia Revenue Authority,” Ms Bwalya said.

Zambia will expedite the harmonisation of road toll fees with the SADC region and committed to explore the possibility of implementing smart enforcement systems in order to eliminate physical roadblocks.

The agreement entered on Wednesday will reduce the congestion of trucks in the Tunduma border by 80 per cent.

Source : Daily News