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OXUS SPAC, a Kenges Rakishev company, turns attention of investment community

Larry Ramer, an expert NASDAQ columnist. has selected four of the most promising specialized companies for targeted mergers and acquisitions (SPACs for short), which investors should look at in the near future.

​NASDAQ experts called the project with the investments of Kenges Rakishev and Sergey Ivashkovsky one of the most promising SPAC.

At the moment, they are not operating, and their main goal and characteristic is to bring selected private companies to the stock exchange through a merger, rather than a traditional IPO. Stock analysts are holding their breath, waiting for the upcoming deals to be announced, as they predict a sharp increase in the shares of these companies.

One of the four companies is Oxus Acquisition Corp, whose investor is Kenges Rakishev, an international investor and entrepreneur from Kazakhstan. Together with him in the project are such well-known businessmen as Shiv Vikram Khemka from SUN Group; Sergey Ivashkovsky, who has worked at Eurasia Investment Partners, crisis management at TRUST Bank; Christophe Charlier, who has 25 years of experience in investment banking in Russia and a number of other investors.

According to the data provided to NASDAQ, SPAC is focused on clean energy production enterprises in developing countries. However, as the analyst notes, it is more interesting that Kenges Rakishev is the founder of the Singulariteam fund, one of the first investors of the Israeli manufacturer of ultrafast charging batteries StoreDot.

Kenges Rakishev may have StoreDot in sight

The expert suggests that StoreDot could potentially become the target of Oxus. StoreDot is known for creating a battery for electric vehicles that can be charged in 10 minutes. The battery is made according to the industry standards of batteries used for Tesla electric cars: 46 mm in diameter and 80 mm in height. They will be produced in numbers at the EVE Energy plant in China starting from 2024.

It is worth noting that the experts of the world’s most famous high-tech NASDAQ exchange for the first time in 2021 included in their recommendations a company founded by entrepreneurs from Russia and the CIS. Prior to the creation of Oxus Acquisition, Kenges Rakishev was already known as a successful investor in ultrafast charging battery technology, Mullen electric vehicles. Also in Rakishev’s portfolio there are deposits of nickel and cobalt, which are used for the production of batteries. These factors, coupled with the management and financial experience of its partners, allow analysts to bet on the success of the new fund.

Source: Talk-Finance